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Kinglumi releases LEAGEAR ™ one4all DALI 2 certified power supply


We are excited to announce our new LEDGEAR™ one4all types of DALI 2 certified power supply drivers that come with some added functionalities compared to the previous version of LEDGEAR™ types of LED drivers. With the output voltage being 14-42V, the new version of one4all DALI 2 light drivers are supplied with two types of output current including 650mA-1100mA and 250MA-600MA. These new drivers, which's sized at 110mmx76mmx30mm, are constructed with adjustable constant current output and work well with a great variety of dali LED lightsfor the residential, industrial and commercial applications.


Advanced and versatile dimming solutions

Apart from offering cutting-edge DALI 2 lighting system solution, the LEDGEAR™ one4all types of dimmable LED drivers are also manageable in terms of light intensity under other kinds of dimming controls such as PUSH-DIM,0-10V,10V PWM and Corridor Function. The DALI-2 dimming solution is particularly outstanding and unique from the perspective of facts that on the one hand there are only a total of four lighting suppliers in China capable of offering DALI-2 certified lights products presently and on the other hand the DALI-2 LED dimming system is able to further improve energy efficiency and effectively reduce lighting installation costs.


Utilize strain-relief and screw-free design

As the labor costs accounts for a big portion of lighting operation budget, it's recommended to choose the led power supply that's easy and convenient to be installed and wired. Our LEDGEAR™ one4all independent constant current dali 2 LED drivers fantastically serve such engineering need using the strain-relief and screw-free design. All terminals are connected without using the screws, which's beneficial to achieving easy and fast installation. The 0.5-1.5 wire gauge permissible AC cable, along with 3.5-8mm PVC jacket diameter for the driver also makes it much easier and quicker to connect the input cables.

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Bring flicker-free Design for lighting health

The flicker problem is serious and it's detrimental to the health of people but unfortunately many people ignore its negative effects and get them exposed to flickering environments most of the time. When it comes to lighting flicker, it can also causes some healthy issues such as headaches and eyestrain when people stay most of the time under flickering lighting spaces. To reduce the health risk caused by flickering lighting, we utilize the flicker-free design for the LEDGEAR™ one4all range of LED light drivers that play an important role improving the lighting health and comfort.


Tested and certified by multiple laboratories

Like other kinds of Kinglumi new LED fixtures, the LEDGEAR™ one4all range of dimmable drivers come after a long period of experiments and testing in our laboratory. At present, they have been successfully tested and listed with mark of CE, ROHS, C-tick, DALI 2,SAA, CB,SELV, EL and so on. With these certificates, the drivers are able to be used for many different countries around the world in various lighting applications.


Equipped with advanced protection mechanisms

As same as the previous version of LEDGEAR™ types of LED power supply units, the one4all new line of modern LED power drivers are also engineered with advanced protection mechanisms such as over-current protection, over-voltage, over-temperature, over-load and short-circuit protection designs. With these security mechanisms, the drivers are given an improved safety and stability performance, which makes them the perfect choice for variety of severe and harsh environments.


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