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The shop front lighting matters to increase foot traffic


The shop front lighting is one of the critical elements for for highlighting the key items in a great variety of stores as well as drawing the attention from passersby. A kind of eye-catching, unique and visually comfortable led lights for storefront windows are crucial to accentuating the products in the most brilliant and dynamic way, which helps stimulate interests of buying and increase the business sales.


The right window display lights for shops should be characterized by appropriate lighting styles suiting the store interiors, exceptionally visual comfort, and proper light intensity. The dynamic and awesome lighting can differentiate your stores from competitors and appeal to shoppers by making a positive impression. There are survey researches revealing that some top retail companies have seen an apparent increase of their retail businesses due to the wonderful retail window display lighting.


Some commonly chosen fixtures for the shop front light design include LED track lights and LED downlights. The LED fixtures, in comparison with the traditional lamps, are suggested because they produce less heat, consume less energy, and come with a much longer lifespan. You can select some adjustable and dimmable LED track lights so that the light levels can be tuned accordingly and the track heads are able to be adapted both horizontally and vertically. When you want to accent some new display items from a different angle, the adjustable track lights make it possible without being repositioned.


Kinglumi developed and produced a broad selection of high-quality LED track light kits that's not only adjustable but also created with versatile performance such as high CRI leds, DALI, 1-10V, Triac dimmable controls, excellent luminous efficacy, optional lenses and color temperatures and so on. If you have an extraordinarily redesigned shop window where you hope to create a kind of brilliant and eye-catching accent lighting, our high CRI LED track light fixtures are the ideal choice to impact on driving more foot traffic to your stores.


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