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Kinglumi New 2-in-1 LED driver Introduction!


Kinglumi brings two new models of electronics control gear (ECG) to market, it is the new multifunctional LEDGEAR 2-in-1 led driver. It has 1-10V dimming, 10V pwm, built-in wattage-selectable and could provide constant current output range from 160mA-350mA, 400mA-1100mA. Universal working input voltage from AC 110V to 277V and could be transformed to 14V-42V voltage output. No fans design could insure no risk of over-heat with normal working temperature -20to 45.


Kinglumi new 2-in-1 LEDGEAR led driver is designed with pure white appearance, which looks elegant and comfortable. Compatible with both passive and active 1-10V dimmers with a dimming range from 10% to 100%. The quality is great and usually it has a 50000h lifespan. For that, we could provide 5 years warranty for this product.


This led driver has two models with different sizes and wattage output options. The smaller one has a size of 86x52x30mm, 6.8W to 14.7W power output. The other one is 113x52x30mm and has a power output from 16.8W to 46.2W. The push-fit terminals and clip-on end-cap design could make wiring easier. Big loose space with transparent end-cap, don't need to open the cap when inspecting the wiring status.


For the safety lighting, we designed multi-level safety protection program into it to make it safer and smarter. Over-heat protection, short-circuit proof, overload protection, constant current output and it also can be used for emergency lighting based on emergency escape lighting system EN50172.


Kinglumi is professionally in architectural led light R&D and we deeply know what customers need for a driver. Every driver must go through strict safety and quality test during mass production. If you have any business idea, contact us instantly to sales@kinglumi.com. This new LEDGEAR 2-in-1 led drive is going to be showed on coming Hong Kong 2019 International Lighting Fair, welcome to our booth to see how the product looks and we would like to talk with you face to face. 

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