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Track lighting You Must Know About!


Something you must know about track lighting system, here I will talk about it. The track lighting is also called rail light or bar light because the portion of its construction looks like a rail, actually it is a track with wires in. The basic components of a track light include the track, track head and the light fixture. The track is usually fixed on the ceiling or the wall with opening down or out. The track head is a conductor that connects the wire in track and the light fixture to transmit power. The track design is advanced in concept with high flexibility on installation, you can easily replace, add or remove light fixture on the rail to change the lighting effects whenever you like. Nowadays when we talk about track light, it usually means the LED track light to replace the old metal halide light because the LED technology has numerous advantages.

The track light can be easily identified from its spectacular appearance and construction compared with other kinds of light fixtures. But people have another standard to distinguish different track lights based on styles and applications such as accent lighting, task lighting, modern track light, traditional track light, contemporary track light and etc. There are over tens of kinds of track light types, For North America, There are Halo Track System, Juno Track System, Lightolier Track System, Capri Track System and they all has both single and double circuit track rails(of course, they are different systems), also there are two neutral two circuit and some also use 4 wires 3 circuits track system, especially for the art-gallery and museum application. While for the other market, there are 4 wires 3 circuits track system(also known as 3P, 3F), 3 wires 1 circuit track system(also known as 1P, 1F), and 2 wires 1 circuit track system, of course also have the DALI track system(have many different design system differed from brands). Kinglumi can provide most of the track lights that compatible with most of the systems mentioned above.


The Halo track system is the most popular track light type on the market now for its compatibility and favorable price in North America. If you look at the track, there is one wire on one side and two wires on the other side. The other two track light types are Juno Track System (JT) and Lightolier Track System (LT), both of them are two wires design. Look at the track, one wire on one side and so does the other side. We recommend you to choose HL track system because it has the best compatibility, you can replace the light fixtures easily when you want to replace a new LED light fixture. Most vendors could supply 3 wires track light on the market.


Track light is originally designed and used for business application, such as commercial market, retails store, shopping mall and museum and etc. It’s simple construction and flexibility works as spotlight could offer accent light and ambient light for production to make them looks more attracting for consumers. Now, as the updating of indoor home light facilities, people tend to choose track light for home using.


People never stop on light design researching, the LED track light is nowadays adopted in most commercial applications, retails shops, boutiques, home and office using. Latest LED technology has better luminous effects and low power consumption. But there still are many people who don't know track light, so the future of track light is brighter than what you think. 

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