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LEDGEAR®, the brand of easy-installation & versatile LED drivers from China


Why Kinglumi Create LEDGEAR® brand?

Kinlgumi designed and produce the led source, luminaires and electronic control gear(LED drivers) since its establishment in 2005. Over 90% of the Kinglumi lighting fixture and products are powered by the Kinglumi self-design LED drivers, and the quality is stable and with excellent dimming performance thanks to the design according to that local famous dimmers SKUs, What's more, Kinglumi is the DALI associate member since Dec. 2014. But, lots of new clients starts to cooperate with Kinglumi, they always will ask what LED drivers that Kinglumi offer?

Kinglumi realized this problem and created the LED driver brands--LEDGEAR® in 2017.

What is LEDGEAR® products positioning?

LEDGEAR® is positioned as a brand of easy-installation & versatile LED drivers from China with excellent quality. Compare to other led driver brands, LEDGEAR® is not just to pass the safety and performance, but it also focus attention on the building and installations. It's not just to power the light up, but also offer quick and easy installation for the electricians to saving another amount of money, and some drivers are even designed to fit the local buildings regulations such as: thermal insulation covered, fire rated...

The functionalities is another concern of LEDGEAR®, LEDGEAR® is designed to follow with smart lighting control, such as wired intelligent control: DALI and KNX; Wireless control: Bluetooth, Zigbee & Wifi.

Who and what will benefits from LEDGEAR®?

The benefits to equipped with LEDGEAR® is different for different channels and person.

For importers

   * Outstanding performance with identity design

   ODM private labeling available

   Flexible products design with wide operating windows to reduce your inventory

   Professional technical supports

For installers/electricians

   Quick insulations with push-fit terminals

   Through wiring saving another work

   Snap in strain relief without screws and tools.

   Most of them with output current adjustable for on-site brightness adjustment

For end users

   Safety approved according to ENEC, CE, TUV, UL, SAA, CB and other local certifications.

   Stable quality and ready for future updating possibility

   Flicker free(most of the products) with less than 3% flicker percentage according to IEEE 1789

   * Less than 0.5W Standby and No-load power according to the Ecodesign(EU:2019/2020)

   Compatibale with most of the local dimmers that testing in Kinglumi

What LEDGEAR® products roadmap?

LEDGEAR® led drivers provides wide range of different dimming and control technologies, including both wired and wireless design. And the led drivers application that Kinglumi targeting is for indoor lighting.

For smart lighting control platforms, Kinglumi is working with the public protocol of DALI, KNX and Zigbee, while Bluetooth is designed as a private lighting control system with more than lighting.

While for the traditional lighting control, Kinglumi is very professional in the 0/1-10V, Phase-cut and ON/OFF, where Kinglumi designed the dimming functions with the specified market due to the most popular dimmers in different countries is different, and we customized the dimming which make it outstanding with smooth and linear dimming affect without flicker.

Also, LEDGEAR® drivers has designed with sensor ready control interface, which provides the sensor ready socket or even with PWM communication interface between the driver and the sensor so that it can upgrade to Internet of Things(IoT).

The difference from LEDGEAR® to other LED driver brands.

Besides the above, for more details on the difference, please review: http://www.kinglumi.com/news-1576.html

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