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Wireless control of LEDGEAR® DALI Driver with Casambi Bluetooth


Casambi allows you to control illumination, colour temperature and light colour of your bluetooth -enabled luminaires via the Casambi app on your

smartphone, tablet or smart watch.

Casambi can be used to create effective illumination, transitions, an enhanced environment or product highlighting simply by the swipe of your smart

device. The Bluetooth controllable DALI controller CBU-DCS(1ch), and CBU-A2D(2ch) can work with the LEDGEAR® DALI LED drivers. Or, we can

integrate the Casambi CBM-002 Bluetooth module into the LEDGEAR® directly, if any request for built-in Casambi enabled LED drivers, please

contact our sale representatives.

Connecting a series of Casambi enabled lights provides users with a fully controllable, wireless mesh network. The intelligence of the system is

replicated in every node and, creates a system with no single points of failure.

Casambi wiring diagram with LEDGEAR DALI LED driver and DALI sensor

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