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Create comfortable workplace with modern office downlights

The commercial downlights are commonly used for modern offices to generate general lighting as well as providing positive and warm wall washer lighting effects. However, it is not easy to select the downlights for offices that come with high quality and desired lighting functionality. Despite the fact that the downlights manufacturers are huge and enormous, there is a big difference on the quality and performance for a huge selection of down light fixtures that's available in the markets. 

Some basic elements that can affect how luminaires work differently include luminous efficacy, optical design, Flicker and glare control performance, safety, service life as well as manufacturing capability ,etc. This is why the fixtures even with the same appearance design can vary significantly on prices.


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Honored to be one of leading commercial lighting manufacturer in China, Kinglumi understands what's customers in need for commercial office downlights. For example, the Saturn series of downlights we provide are perfectly fitting in with modern office environments for delivering comfortable and human-centric lighting. They are designed with multiple outstanding attributes such as up to 100LM/W high efficacy, versatile trims, warm dimming, modular design, IC rated and low profile and so on.

This pictures shows some of such LED office downlights are working perfectly for a office workplace. These downlights emit flexible lighting that can be controlled freely with dimmers and the lighting moods are also able to be varied on the changes of emotional needs. The lighting designer took care of natural lighting and the artificial downlights for creating a kind of comfortable, elegant and human-centric office lighting. 

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