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Deliver cheerful grocery lighting to improve sales

As with grocery lighting, the light designers seek to present the fruits and vegetables in the freshest and cleanest form. The perfectly designed lighting can enhance the appearance of fresh food and stimulate the appetite. Highlighted by clean, bright and exciting lighting, the fruits and vegetables seem more eye-catching and look their best, helping building visually appealing produce display.


As green lighting is increasingly preferred for modern grocery stores, LED lighting is the good solution to improve lighting efficiency and in the meantime reduce the electricity and maintenance costs.  For showcasing the grocery food at its freshest, it is vital to use the grocery store lighting fixtures featuring high color rendering that's able to present the brilliant colors of fresh food. To create exciting and dynamic lighting effects, another factor that needs to be taken into account is color temperature which's significant to affect the appearance of food. 

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Recently, to showcase the fresh fruits in the best light for a grocery store, some of our Classic modern track lighting kits were applied for generating visually exciting and comfortable lighting. Working together with other range of grocery store lighting fixtures, our LED track lighting delivers high quality accent lighting for concentrating the color aspects of food and attract attention of customers. 

What's particularly outstanding for such track luminaires is their incredibly high color rendering value of CRI 90-98, which's crucial for highlighting the quality and texture of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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