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Create unique fashion retail lighting with modern track lighting

To achieve the unique style and design for modern fashion store, lighting is increasingly important to make a difference. From setting the basic store moods to accentuating the merchandise, the right fashion retail lighting can play a significant role differentiating your store from those of competitors. It's commonly believed that the well-designed retail lighting is able to drive more foot traffic to your store and boost the retail business sales. This perhaps can explain why more and more international retail brands attach a higher attention to fashion store lighting.


In general, the lighting style should match well with the retail interior architectural forms and features. For the fashion store lighting, the light intensity and color temperature are two important factors that have a great impact on setting various store lighting moods. One the one hand, the crisp, clean and bright lighting helps generate positive visual impact of the merchandise and impress the customers constructively. On the other hand, with a kind of warm lighting atmosphere, when people walk in the retail stores, they have a sense of relax, relax and inspiration. 

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Kinglumi delivers high end and diversified commercial lighting for retail shops to satisfy the specific lighting design. Our unique and competitive LED track lights are particularly welcomed around the world for user-friendly design and versatile lighting performances. This clothing shop lighting project (as shown in the photo) shows a clothing store is illuminated at its best form with our Delight range of LED track lighting kits that offer even and crisp general lighting as well as highlighting the key items to make them stand out.


Supplied from 8W to 40W, the Delight dimmable track lighting presents energy efficient lighting with efficacy of more than 90 lumen per watt. The advanced optical systems ensures more light with less power electricity and produce less heat within the stores. The outstanding design of high CRI technology up to 98 makes them reflect and highlight the features of clothes and bags efficiently. In addition, there are a total of four kinds of beam angles for options which include 10°,24°,38°and 60°, which's crucial for diversified and manageable lighting solutions.

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