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Bring wonderful boutique lighting for the big brands

For the boutique lighting of fashion brands, the proper lighting design could have a great impact on the merchandise displays and how people feel when they stay and walk inside the shops. The visual merchandising is believed to draw more attention from shoppers and help create a pleasant, comfortable and satisfactory shopping experience. To highlight the items visually, commercial LED track lights are usually applied in the boutiques to make a difference in stimulating the purchase behavior and improving brand awareness.


Recently, our Classic ™ range of modern LED track lights were installed in a large number of boutiques for some big fashion brands which include Calvin Klein, TOMMY HILFIGER, HERITAGE BRANDS in the Northern European countries. These modern LED track lights not only deliver general illumination for the entire space but also provide accent lighting to highlight the items visually. From merchandise displays to the rest area, the stores look visually amazing and appealing under the kind of bright, clean and cozy lighting. 

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Under the high-quality lighting with CRI up to 98, the clothing, shoes, dresses, jeans, bags and other accessories in the boutiques are presented at the best light that reveals the true brilliance and aesthetics of the items for sale. With patented design on housing, the Classic ™ COB led track lighting is the perfect match for the boutiques' architectural moods of stylish, graceful and creative feelings.


As the first generation of commercial track lights, the Classic ™ selection of fixtures by Kinglumi are one of our best selling light fixtures that's highly praised by customers around the world. They are engineered with patented and unique housing that not only looks perfect on appearance but also help ensure efficient heat transfer for the light fixtures.


Equipped with Cree COB LED sources, along with our own patented CAMETA glare-free reflectors and lens, these adjustable led track lights deliver high-quality lighting and work perfectly even under the severest environments with a long service life of over 50,000 hours.  


Some other benefits for such track light systems include up to 100LM/W excellent energy efficacy, 100%-10% Triac dimming capacity, the optional lens of 15°,24°,38°,60°, flexible adjustment on track heads, as well as 2700-5000K color temperature options, etc.

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